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2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 6 – Buttonwillow Raceway (#1 CCW)

Round 6 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! Buttonwillow Raceway is one of my favorite tracks, I had never personally driven it counter clock wise or in this configuration. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after my first session I have to say it was quite fun. This was the best event of the year in […]

Niko 8-20-17 2

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 5 – AutoClub Speedway (Roval)

Round 5 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! Autoclub Speedway has a very clean facility, a high speed course, and a great pit area. But the best part is how close it is. I remember being confused in the morning when we were exiting so early. It was a bit warm again, but there was a decent breeze […]

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Bonus Round – Sonoma Raceway

What a beautiful track, the location and the surrounding area are gorgeous. We had an amazing time venturing out to Sonoma Raceway and I cannot wait until next year. With all the fun that was had, and the amazing venue, we learned something from this trip; When its time for Sonoma Raceway, register months in […]

Hyunchul 5-13-17

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 4 – Streets of Willow

Round 4 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! Another important lesson learned this weekend. Listen to your friends. Wear sunblock! Due to the wind we had to take down the EZ UP almost as soon as we put it up, so we were sitting directly under the sun all day. Even though the weather was AMAZING, we all […]


2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 3 – Big Willow

Round 3 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! Safety, Safety, Safety. We always preach safety.  Big willow is a very fast and potentially dangerous track. Having the proper safety equipment is crucial. Gladly all of our drivers were ok after a chaotic day. Remember to always go through all the bolts on your car and check torques, you never […]

Steven Chan

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 2 – Buttonwillow Raceway (CW)

Round 2 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! Another great event in the books. Buttonwillow is one of the most amazing tracks known to mankind, or at least to me. It was a little wet in the morning but luckily nothing to stop everyone from going out there and having a blast, but towards the afternoon the […]

Mike Trieu

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 1 – Chuckwalla Raceway (CW)

Welcome to the season opener, Round 1 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge! I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017 season, thank you all for attending and helping make this series what it is today. We hope you had an excellent time, learned new techniques and got faster. Some of you got to test out those […]

Round 10 SOW CCW Group

Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 10 – Streets of Willow CCW

The Final Round First off I would like to thank everyone, the sponsors, the competitors, the spectators, and the organizers for making this 2016 season an incredibly awesome experience filled with amazing battles, fantastic people, and overall loads of fun.  I have enjoyed every event this year, but this event seemed to be something special. The […]


Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 9 – Chuckwalla Raceway CCW

The End Is Near. At least for the 2016 season. Everyone is jumping at the chance to get their points in while they still can. The weather was amazing, maybe even slightly cold in the morning and a bit of wind in the afternoon but nothing to complain about. I went for a ride a long […]


Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 8 – Big Willow

Another great turn out for our Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge, as we’re getting close to the end of the season and competitors are scrambling for points. We had some more amazing competition with differences in times coming down to tenths of a second. The weather was also really nice throughout the day. It did get […]