Hyunchul 5-13-17

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 4 – Streets of Willow

Round 4 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge!

Another important lesson learned this weekend. Listen to your friends. Wear sunblock! Due to the wind we had to take down the EZ UP almost as soon as we put it up, so we were sitting directly under the sun all day. Even though the weather was AMAZING, we all still got a little burnt. Luckily Mario brought some sunblock, otherwise I would have turned into a potato chip. My skin wasn’t the only thing burning, you guys were putting down some HOT laps! Sorry had to throw that in there. I am glad to see all the drivers putting down new Personal Best’s at our events. It is great to see driver’s and their cars grow in our series. With Round 4 completed we will now be headed into our summer break. Keep cool Amigos.

Don’t forget we will be taking an adventure to Sonoma Raceway July 15th! Feel free to email us for any information at challenge@corner3motorsports.com.

Remember if interested in buying pictures of the event please contact Parin Thalangdee or check out his webstore.


5/13/2017 Willow Springs International Raceway – Streets(Counter-Clockwise) Winners:

Class 1:

1st – Steven Chan – 1:20.573 – R35 GTR


2nd – Ying Wang – 1:24.552 – R35 GTR


Class 2:

1st – Hyunchul Hong – 1:23.479 – S13 240SX SR


2nd – Brian Hendricks – 1:24.396 – Z33 350Z Nismo


3rd – Michael Hillo – 1:25.477 – Z33 350Z


Class 3:

1st – Michael Trieu – 1:28.518- Z33 350Z


2nd – Malko Izurieta – 1:28.719 – Z34 370Z


3rd – Cory Lent – 1:32.138 – Z33 350Z


Class 4:

1st – Sandy Isaac – 1:32.362 – S30 240Z


2nd – Ulises Jorge – 1:34.007 –  Z32 300ZX NA

3rd – Danny Kim – 1:36.151 – S13 240sx

4th – Ray Vic Roque – 1:43.454 – S13 240sx