2017 Corner3 Challenge – Bonus Round – Sonoma Raceway

What a beautiful track, the location and the surrounding area are gorgeous. We had an amazing time venturing out to Sonoma Raceway and I cannot wait until next year. With all the fun that was had, and the amazing venue, we learned something from this trip; When its time for Sonoma Raceway, register months in advance. If this date had not been sold out I think it would have been the most fun event for everyone. Being that it was sold out we only had a fraction of what we would have liked for attendance, but it was still an exciting day. It was a good time watching all of those supercars out on this beautiful track. And its always a pleasure watching those crazy Miata guys battle it out in the wheel to wheel races they do. Keep an eye out for next year as we will be going back.


7/15/2017 Sonoma Raceway – Full Course with Carousel(Clock-Wise) Winners:

Class 1:

1st – Bob Sobey – 1:47.534 – R35 GTR

2nd – Jerry Kaiser – 1:49.xxx – R35 GTR

3rd – Adam Wright – 1:51.306 – R35 GTR

4th – Jeremy Bernstein – 1:52.302 – R35 GTR

5th – Nick Crandall – 1:55.797 – R35 GTR

6th – David Walter – 1:56.810 – R35 GTR

Class 2:

1st – Nazar Santillan-Mondaca – 1:56.538 – Z33 350Z