2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 6 – Buttonwillow Raceway (#1 CCW)

Round 6 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge!

Buttonwillow Raceway is one of my favorite tracks, I had never personally driven it counter clock wise or in this configuration. I was a bit skeptical at first, but after my first session I have to say it was quite fun. This was the best event of the year in my opinion. I am biased. But that’s because it was the first event I was able to drive along with all the other challengers. I was passed by everyone at some point, good job you guys. It was also our first Bimmer Challenge vs Nissan Challenge event which was exciting. We all banded together nicely to defeat those weird German cars, unfortunately it ended it a draw, so we will have to wait til next time to prove to them our cars are better. I jest, I love all cars. Again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters, challengers, sponsors. See you at the next event!


9/24/2017 Buttonwillow – #1 Counter-Clockwise:

Class 1:

1st – Steven Chan – 1:56.012 – R35 GTR


2nd – Ying Wang – 2:00.515 – R35 GTR

3rd – Nick Transier – 2:05.579 – R35 GTR


Class 2:

1st – Nazar Santillan-Mondaca – 2:07.387 – Z33 350Z


2nd – Brian Hendricks – 2:08.383 – Z33 350Z Nismo

3rd – Niko Markovich – 2:11.041 – Z33 350Z


Class 3:

1st – Malko Izurieta – 2:12.360- Z34 370Z


2nd – Michael Trieu – 2:15.776 – Z33 350Z


3rd – Ryan Kalfus – 2:16.776 – S13 240SX SR20DET

Class 4:

1st – Danny Kim – 2:22.543 – S13 240sx



2nd – Janie Salvatierra – 2:40.451 – Z32 300ZX NA