Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 9 – Chuckwalla Raceway CCW

The End Is Near. At least for the 2016 season. Everyone is jumping at the chance to get their points in while they still can. The weather was amazing, maybe even slightly cold in the morning and a bit of wind in the afternoon but nothing to complain about. I went for a ride a long with the Class 3 leader Edgar Ferman, what a fun time that was. My knees were sore from holding myself in place for a few days afterword. I saw first hand what it will take to compete with these guys. Got to watch Mario and Parin geek out with their cameras bringing us great shots. What a great group, couldn’t ask for much else. See you all at the season closer Streets of Willow CCW, Saturday December 3rd 2016! 

Congratulations to the winners!

Class 1 Results:

1st – Jerry Kaiser: 1:59.605 – GT-R R35


2nd – Adam Wright: 2:02.823 – GT-R R35


3rd – Ying Yang: 2:04.791 – GT-R R35


Class 2 Results:

1st – Nazar Santillan Mondaca: 2:04.468 – 350Z Z33


2nd – Jason Langevin: 2:14.369 – Nismo 370Z Z34


Class 3 Results:

1st – Edgar Ferman: 2:07.014 – 300ZX Z32

2nd – David Yang: 2:09.615 – 350Z Z33


3rd – Peter Nguyen: 2:12.009 – 370Z Z34



Additional Class 3 Drivers:

Edgar Urquiza 2:13.355 – 300ZX Z32


Rick Knight 2:16.468 – 350Z Z33


Danny Kim 2:22.407 – 350Z Z33