Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 8 – Big Willow

Another great turn out for our Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge, as we’re getting close to the end of the season and competitors are scrambling for points. We had some more amazing competition with differences in times coming down to tenths of a second. The weather was also really nice throughout the day. It did get a bit windy but it was very enjoyable on the sidelines watching these guys have fun on the track. It was a great time at our registration EZ-UP as usual, where everyone usually gathers to check times and hang out. See you at the next event!


Congratulations to the winners!

Class 1 Results:

1st – Hammad Shah: 1.27.880– GT-R R35

Hammad 1 10-22-1630295201540_bc6a94140e_z

2nd – Steven Chan: 1.28.421 – GT-R R35

Steven 10-22-1630506849831_45aba82fff_z

3rd – Ying Wang: 1.32.433 – GT-R R35 

Ying 10-22-1630595148615_5a2b748aca_z

Class 2 Results:

1st – Nazar Santillan Mondaca: 1.32.540 – 350Z Z33 

Nazar 10-22-1629963008214_98b609fab0_o

2nd – Brian Hendricks: 1.32.588 – 350Z Nismo Z33 Integrated Performance

Brian 10-22-1630558473976_08e79ab63a_z

3rd – Hammad Shah: 1.39.429– 350Z Z33

Hammad 3 10-22-16

Class 3 Results:

1st – Edgar Ferman: 1.40.069 – 300ZX Z32

Edgar 10-22-1630478781992_4acc419ecc_z

2nd – David Yang: 1.41.593 – 350Z Z3David 10-22-16img_5015_29963583854_o

3rd – Sandy Isaac: 1.42.641 – 240Z S30Sandy 10-22-1629961352923_fd7bc86887_z(Yes he did go on to pass the Ferrari…)

Other Notable Times:

Viktor Cruz – 1.35.558

Greg Seeman – 1.42.317

Danny Kim – 1.43.625

Dave Hartel – 1.47.681

Ryan Kalfus – 1.47.837

Andrew Padilla – 1.54.100

img_5358_30505316381_o img_5402_29959363703_o

img_4870_30577853386_o img_4876_29980095303_o img_4880_29982260384_o img_4885_30614104995_o img_4891_29980039523_o img_4913_30599620145_o img_4927_30511252571_o img_4965_30562815086_o img_4967_30299529510_o img_4971_30299463450_o img_4985_29967253024_o img_5002_30595817285_o img_5008_30296036160_o img_5015_29963583854_o img_5026_30507541861_o img_5029_30478660352_o img_5045_30507444921_o img_5057_29963400364_o img_5080_29961544513_o img_5082_29961526793_o img_5112_30295677090_o img_5113_29961451063_o img_5124_30558671746_o img_5154_30558523076_o img_5157_30478061882_o img_5170_30506849831_o img_5179_30595040455_o img_5188_30477878692_o img_5250_30558152096_o img_5341_30556900046_o img_5345_29959551393_o img_5348_30556883216_o img_5349_30505322231_o img_5366_30556850986_o img_5372_30556844496_o img_5373_29961338494_o img_5378_30593439225_o img_5382_30505246881_o img_5384_30556786766_o