Mike Trieu

2017 Corner3 Challenge – Round 1 – Chuckwalla Raceway (CW)

Welcome to the season opener, Round 1 of the 2017 Corner3 Challenge!

I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017 season, thank you all for attending and helping make this series what it is today. We hope you had an excellent time, learned new techniques and got faster. Some of you got to test out those new bungalows offered at Chuckwalla Raceway. I’m sure its nice to sleep in a comfortable space right on track to prepare for this event. The weather was almost perfect to start the season off. We got to see some new cars and faces which was also exciting, like Gary in his awesome R33 GTR. Welcome back Mike Trieu, we missed you <3

I would also like to thank all the staff for their support and our professional driver Steven Doherty who travels incredible distances to be apart of this series.

2/17/2017 Edit: We apologize for the small error made for Class 3. Phong gets 2nd, Erik gets 3rd. Please don’t run 2 transponders on the same car at the same time in the future 😀


2/12/2017 Chuckwalla Raceway(Clockwise) Winners:

Class 1:

1st – Steven Chan – 1:55.196 – R35 GTR

2nd – Ying Wang – 2:00.027 – R35 GTR

3rd – Bruce Watson – 2:02.981 – R35 GTR

Class 2:

1st – Hyunchul Hong – 2:02.687 – S13 240sx SR20DET

2nd – Niko Markovich – 2:09.014 – Z33 350Z

3rd – Miguel Santiago – 2:13.544 – S13 240sx LS

Class 3:

1st – Mike Trieu – 2:08.094 – Z33 350Z


2nd – Phong Nguyen – 2:11.160 – Z34 370Z

3rd – Erik Tarui – 2:12.859 – Z33 350Z

Class 4:

1st – Danny Kim – 2:17.482 – S13 240sx

2nd – Andrew Kin – 2:29.588 – Z32 300ZX