Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 7 – Buttonwillow Raceway Park CCW

The 7th round was held at Buttonwillow Raceway Park, running the #1 configuration Counter Clock Wise. As we get later into the season, drivers are making their moves. The favorites to win were bested this day, which makes the competition that much more fun to be involved in. The weather, again proved to be more fierce than the competition, with temperatures reaching 100°F. A lot of cars (and people) were suffering from over heating issues. It would have been nicer if there was just a slight breeze. Always remember to bring water for both the vehicle and yourself!


Congratulations to the winners!

Class 1 Results:

1st – Hessam Toudiee: 2:07.253 – GT-R R35

2nd – Ying Wang: 2:08.256 – GT-R R35


Class 2 Results:

1st – Brian Hendricks: 2:07.235 – 350Z Nismo Z33

2nd – Nazar Santillan Mondaca: 2:08.942 – 350Z Z33

3rd – Hammad Shah: 2:09.337 – 350Z Z33


Class 3 Results:

1st – David Yang: 2:16.303 – 350Z Z33

2nd – Edgar Ferman: 2:17.089 – 300ZX Z32

3rd – Parin Thalangdee: 2:18.365 – G35 V35