Nissan Challenge 2019 -Overall Results –

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday, now for the results you’ve been waiting for !

Before we start, just to clarify a few things, the X’d out points are the lowest scoring events, since the series takes best 6 out of 8 events. Also, to be eligible in the series championship, you must have participated in at least 3 events for the year.

Class 4: Consistently putting down fast times and setting a high bar for Class 4 drivers next year, Aron Repar(S13), takes 1st for the season. In 2nd, Sandy Isaac(S30), showing that the S30 can be competitive, as well as snagging a record setting time at ACS for the class. Finishing off the top 3, Kevin Peries(S13).

Class 3: Times just keep getting quicker and quicker every year, with drivers and cars progressing and improving. Again, showing off the potential of a relatively stock Nismo Z33, Nico Floresta(Nismo Z33) takes 3rd place in the class. As a newcomer at Round 3, putting the pressure on NC veteran Malko, he proved to be a driver to be reckoned with throughout the season. Another newcomer, joining the fight in Round 5 and stunning everyone with a record class time at Streets of Willow and ACS, Christopher Anderson(Z33), takes 2nd, just eeking past Nico. And once again, with class record setting times at Buttonwillow and Chuckwalla, Malko Izurieta(Z34) takes the Class 3 Championship win, defending his Class 3 crown.

Class 2:We didn’t get to see too much consistent action, but things might be changing up for next year with class participation. Nonetheless, Mike Zuniga(Z34) wins the 2019 Class 2 Championship.

Class 1:In Class 1 we had a battle between 2 drivers. Jorge Torres(Z33), in his drift converted Z33 put up a good fight, but takes 2nd in the championship. Nick Transier’s(R35) consistent fast lap times earn him top honors as Class 1 Champion for 2019.

Unlimited Class: And finally, in Unlimited Class, even though his participation was limited due to car building and such, Ying Wang(R35) rounds up our Championship winners for 2019!

Congrats to everyone! As always thanks for being such a great community! We’re still planning our end of season get together, as well as several other things for the upcoming season. But be sure that we will be posting up information as soon as it’s all confirmed. Once again, congrats to everyone and we’ll see you at the end of season meet up.