2019 Nissan Challenge – Round 8 –

Round 8 of the 2019 Nissan Challenge!

Class 1: From top to bottom, in Class 1, we have our usual contenders Nick Transier(R35) and Jorge Torres(boosted Z33). However, Nick finished the season strong with a 1st place trophy once again, with a time of 1:25.082.

Class 2: In Class 2 we had a full podium. New comers Eddie Washington(Z33) and Stuart Miyagishima(Z33) take 1st and 2nd respectively, with Eddie running a 1:30.094 for the win. Mike Zuniga in his Z34 rounds off the podium for this round.

Class 3: Our most active class, was a battle of heavyweights, with only 0.114 seconds separating 1st and 2nd. In 3rd, even after a serpentine belt shred in the first session and having to replace it at the track. Nico Floresta(Nismo Z33) shows off the potential of a relatively stock Nismo Z33, with a time of 1:26.025. Round 5 winner Christopher Anderson(Z33) takes second, with a 1:25.343, pulling off spy hunter moves on track with his smoke screens. And avenging his second place finish from Round 5, Malko Izurieta(Z34) takes top spot with a 1:25.229. Watching all the Zs battle on track was definitely a treat to all the spectators. Not to mention these are times fast Class 2 cars would finish with 2-3 years ago. Great to see the progression and improvement of our drivers.

Class 4: There were 6 participants, with a few returning drivers from earlier in the year. But podium finishes were taken over by S13s. Spencer Rieker(S13) in his drift turned grip S13 takes 3rd with a 1:35.742. Kevin Peries(S13) showed great improvement this round in his car and takes 2nd, with a 1:34.979. And once more, Aron Repar(S13) wins the class this round with a 1:30.310.

Congrats to all the podium finishers!