Class 2 Battle Big Willow

Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge – Round 3 – Big Willow

Round 3 of Maxxis Corner3 Motorsports Nissan Challenge was held on April 2 2016 at Willow Springs International Raceway – Big Willow

What an amazing day for Nissans and racing. Right at the start the competition was intense for all 3 classes, it was so incredibly close all day, congrats to all of the drivers for putting up quite the show. Everyone was setting personal bests trying to win. It was such an eventful day. Met a lot of new drivers too.  We had an assortment of all types of Nissan/Datsun/Infiniti, Fairlady Roadster, 240z , 240sx, 300zx, G35, 350Z/370Z, and the infamous GT-R’s. Can’t wait for the next event at Streets of Willow on May 15th, it will be a special one with all the Z’s from Z-Bash showing up.

Congratulations to David Yang for taking 1st place in Class 3 on his first track day ever! He is definitely hooked now 🙂

Playstation GT Academy Winner and Pro Driver Steven Doherty came out again to instruct and coach some drivers. He is an outstanding driver with an incredible understanding of how the car is setup, and what the driver needs to work on. He will be trying to come out to every event so please notify us if you are interested in instruction. There is no better way of getting faster.

1st – Hammad Shah: 1:30.221 – GT-R R35

Hammad Shah 1:30.221


2nd – Harry Knowles: 1:31.619 – GT-R R35

Harry Knowles 1:31.619

3rd – Steven Chan: 1:31.907 – GT-R R35



Class 2 Results:

1st – Brian Hendricks: 1:33.381 – 350Z Nismo Z33

Brian Hendricks 1:33.381

2nd – Nazar Santillan Mondaca: 1:33.391 – 350Z Z33

Nazar 1:33.391

3rd – Len Novak: 1:34.322 – 350Z Z33

Len Novak 1:34.322

Class 3 Results:

1st – David Yang: 1:48.727 – 350Z Z33

David Yang 1:48.727

2nd – Dave Hartel: 1:50.720 – 240Z S30

Dave Hartel 1:50.720

3rd – Danny Kim: 1:51.331 – 240SX S13

Danny Kim 1:51.331