Powertrix (RT)Road/Track Coilovers – 300ZX Z31



As a Nissan Z Car Specialist, Powertrix have been developing Coilovers since 2001. Specifically designed and tailored for the Nissan Z and Infiniti G platforms. With over 10 years of R&D, Track and Street testing, Powertrix offers the most complete and fully featured Coilover for your Z31. This allows for your own customization through ride height, strut damper settings and individual spring choice preferences. Front Hub Welding Service also available.

All New for the Nissan 300zx Z31 Coilovers line are the following upgrade of anti-corrosive zinc coated shock/dampers and PPI (Polymer Plastic Injected) Damper Dust boost for further longevity.

The Z31 R/T Coilovers feature a robust grade inverted mono tube strut piston. Which is valved for the serious competitor and features aluminum pillow ball upper mounts to transfer more suspension energy through the strut piston shaft increasing the efficiency of the overall suspension duty.

Full forged steel threaded shock bodies for independent ride height, spring preload adjustability and liner springs make the RT Coilover System an “All Business” tool for Auto crossing and Road Racing. Designed for the true performance enthusiast looking for the extra edge during track time, it is also civil enough to run on the street on a daily basis.


Weld on front adjustable damper tubes

Rebuild-able/Replaceable Premium mono-tube forge steel strut Body (Complete All for Corners)

Front and Rear Pillow ball upper mounts – Front Adjustable Camber Plates

Race Grade inverted mono-tube front design

Anti-Corrosive Zinc Plated Damper Housings(PPI) Polymer Plastic Injected dust boots

15 way strut damper adjustments Independent Ride height and Spring Pre-load adjust-ability

Standard 8kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rear or Track 9kg/mm front and 7kg/mm rear (Custom spring rates also available)


For best results, we recommend upgrading to the Swift Springs.

SWIFT spring composition is manufactured using their own proprietary steel alloy “HS5.TW”. This material was formulated in order to maintain the 4 major performance factors listed below, as well as achieving the fastest reaction speed possible to get compliance on road surface conditions.

“SWIFT springs are created with proprietary winding methods, as well as some other trade secrets focused on ensuring the their product separates them from the standard market.”

 The 4 Factors that separate Swift from the rest of the spring industry: 

  1. Consistent spring rate throughout the stroke = more consistent performance
  2. The largest amount of stroke to maximize suspension motion.
  3. The highest durability against loss of spring height = excellent material memory prevents springs sag over.
  4. Extremely light weight to reduce sprung weight increasing over all agility.

Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 14 in
Vehicle Make


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Vehicle Application

Make Model Year
Nissan 300ZX 1987
Nissan 300ZX 1985
Nissan 300ZX 1988
Nissan 300ZX 1986
Nissan 300ZX 1989
Nissan 300ZX 1984

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