INGS LX-SPORT FUGA GT250/GT350 Y50 [previous term] Aero Parts



The INGS N-Spec aero was proven in the Super Taikyu racing series in Japan. With multiple wins the ASSET INGS team have developed a functional aero-kit born of competition. Featuring Hybrid Aero to provide a strong and rigid yet impact resistant material.

A new FRP material that can achieve the same impact durability level as Urethane Resin.


Development concept

Through extensive testing and research, we have developed a hybrid fiberglass material that is unmatched in the industry. It has all the positive characteristics of traditional fiberglass (lightweight, easy to repair, holds shape well) as well as the flexibility and durability of materials such as plastic or urethane. The benefits of this race proven material can be yours on virtually every product we manufacture.


  • Impact durability: Characteristics which cannot be obtained by conventional FRP material is produced through the Hybrid Aero resin mixing 
  • Durability: Aging of the material over time are not an issue with the material and resin combination. The aero will maintain its strength without degrading over time like other FRP materials. 
  • Design elements shaped into the the design for aerodynamics and strength.
  • Light weight.
  • Easily repaired due to being FRP.


  • 450 GT Grade Rear Half Spoiler is not compatible


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