Genuine Nissan Rubber Stopper – 240SX S13 S14 / 300ZX Z32


Genuine Nissan Rubber Stopper for Brake Lights and Clutch Switch

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This is common item that falls apart over time on our old Nissans. This is a great time to change out your old rubber stopper before that happens. If your old stopper falls apart, your brake lights will stay on and can possibly melt the brake light housings, which then becomes more expensive to fix. This stopper is located on the brake pedal, and can also be used for the clutch pedal switch. Stay safe and replace.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions .2 × .2 × .2 in


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Vehicle Application

Make Model Year
Nissan 240SX 1990
Nissan 240SX 1998
Nissan 300ZX 1984
Nissan 240SX 1993
Nissan 300ZX 1992
Nissan 300ZX 1987
Nissan 240SX 1996
Nissan 300ZX 1995
Nissan 240SX 1991
Nissan 300ZX 1990
Nissan 300ZX 1985
Nissan 240SX 1994
Nissan 300ZX 1993
Nissan 300ZX 1988
Nissan 240SX 1989
Nissan 240SX 1997
Nissan 300ZX 1996
Nissan 240SX 1992
Nissan 300ZX 1991
Nissan 300ZX 1986
Nissan 240SX 1995
Nissan 300ZX 1994
Nissan 300ZX 1989

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