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The RF-650 was developed for endurance races where extreme high temperature stability is required, but suitable for all types of competition and even street use.  Boasting highly superior longevity and hydraulic properties with and extremely low hygroscopy*. Endless is the official supplier of brake fluid to the Mercedes GP Formula One team where the RF-650 is used exclusively in all testing and racing activities.  Used in the top level of motorsports including Formula One, WRC, and Touring Cars, original equipment on all Porsche factory race cars, and recognized by circuit users worldwide.

ENDLESS RF-650 brake fluid is used in Formula 1, WRC and Dakar Rally, yet is still available for the end-user desiring the highest performing brake fluid. RF-650 works as good in a street car as it does in a F1 car. Driving circuit stages where the braking temperatures reach extremely high heat situations not encountered on the street, very stable performance characteristics can be achieved. Thanks to the even viscosity in our fluid the response in the brake system is very fast and precise regardless of the temperature. The low freezing point (-40 ºC) also makes RF-650 perfect for snow rallys. RF-650 is becoming recognized as the highest-spec brake fluid around the world. The RF-650 fluid exhibits extremely low compressibility, resulting in an unmatched brake pedal feel and feedback. It also offers class leading consistency and lasts longer than competitive race brake fluids – hereby requiring replacement less often than competitive fluids.  


2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the involvement of Endless in Formula One. We will celebrate this milestone with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team with a special edition of our famous brake fluid RF-650. During the past 10 years Endless has been involved with the team based in Brackley, UK and it is with great pleasure that we proudly present our own celebration to the fantastic sport of Formula One. To make this a great year, Endless will make 10 special edition bottles of RF-650 which will be packed in a very exclusive box. Two of these will be available in a public raffle on our website starting November 2013. On top of this we will also have special edition posters, car stickers and a dedicated web site where all the information will be viewable for the public.
10 Years


10 years, seven drivers, 18,575 laps and 92,610 GP km, with one constant – Endless Brake Technology. During Endless’ 10 years in Formula One there has been one steady presence: RF-650 Racing super brake fluid. For the past 10 years, RF-650 has been the clear choice of brake fluid for the Brackley team, now known as MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS.



*A comprehensive flush eliminating all previous fluids requires about 3 liters of fluid.


  • Polyalkiline Glycol Ether based brake fluid
  • Dry boiling point: 622 F/ 328 C
  • Wet boiling point: 424 F/218 C

Extremely reliable brake fluid for all applications

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