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Endless is the most winning friction manufacturer in the world. Their goal is to provide you with solutions, for your goal. With friction it is crucial to find what is going to work best for your setup, driving style and conditions. They offer a large selection of amazing brake pads, for any help deciding which compound is right for you, , or any compounds not listed, please contact us –

In addition to dominating the Japanese domestic racing scene, Endless is also fiercely competitive within many worldwide motorsport categories. Developmental feedback and ultimately high praise from various motorsport categories has enabled the release of a highly-regarded selection of race compounds to the public domain of race-oriented end-users. When compared to professional race machines in terms of weight and brake cooling capabilities, braking for tuned cars within the amateur race realm can potentially be more strenuous and demanding. Due to these conditions, Endless has released their professional racing compounds to the public in order to facilitate performance needs on the track.

When it comes to 24-hour races, endurance is crucial as drivers try to cover as much distance as possible within a defined time period, what we can offer for 24-hour racing is a reliable brake pad with minimal pad wear. Endless is dominating the 24-Hour scene, in the 2012 24-hour Nürburgring on positions 1-5 four cars were on Endless pads. At Silverstone 24H 2013 positions 1-5 where all on Endless pads and a few weeks later in the nutritious SPA 24H 2013 50% of the starting race cars were driving with Endless pads, and on positions 1-5 four cars drove on Endless.

Street Oriented Compound Specifications:

 Endless MX-72 Brake Pads

MX72 minimizes dust and brake noise while being semi-metallic, improving braking performance at low temperatures. It also increases braking stability at high temperatures and realizes a reduction in rotor aggressiveness. We also worked to polish the pedal touch, which is a strong point of semi-metallic materials.

Recommended for the following people
●Sports users who “Wish to use in various settings from Street to Highway, Circuit, and All-around”
●Those who drive vehicles which are heavy but which have low brake capacity such as minivans and SUVs.

●Proper rotor temperature/50~700℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.37~0.47
●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal)

 Endless MX-72 Plus Brake Pads

MX72PLUS is focus on circuit driving. It has Stable braking force and good control characteristics further than the MX72 in the high temperatures and high load condition.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want to maintains braking force at high temperatures further than the MX72.
●Those who wish to use on streets, highways, circuits and all-around
●Those who value control during circuit driving

●Proper rotor temperature/50~750℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.39~0.47
●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal) ・Driving fields/Street~Circuit

 Endless CC-Rg Brake Pads

“CC-Rg”, forged under ultra-high speed and ultra-high temperature conditions with slick tires installed, generates high deceleration G even with a heavyweight class tuning car. It also ensures sufficient braking force at low temperatures via technology cultivated through WRC and the adoption of mild ceramic materials, which requires consideration for braking force at low temperatures and in travel paths.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want a race brake pad which can also be used at low temperatures
●Those with S tires or slick tires installed

●Proper rotor temperature/50~800℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.40~0.45
●Material/Ceramic carbon metal ・Driving fields/Winding~Circuit

Racing Compound Specifications:


ME20 – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Trail-Braking
Mu-Range: 0.35~0.40
Rotor Temp. Range:150~800℃ 
Midweight to Heavyweight Cars
The standard sprint pad for motorsports use. The ME20 extends the brake pad life while still being kind to the rotor. Focused towards drivers who are ok with slightly more dust and minimal noise who dual duty their car but have slightly more focus on track use. The ME20 is one of the most versatile compounds in Endless’ line. Focusing on pedal feel, modulation and consistency. Emphasis was also put on low pad wear and low disc wear. Has ability to operate cold. Material stays consistent in wet and dry conditions. 
S55G – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Standard
Mu-Range: 0.28~0.33
Rotor Temp. Range:
Suitable for street and track. Great initial response. Superb modulation. S55G enables drivers to use high levels of pedal pressure without wheel lock. Targeted for light to medium weight cars and circuits with low to medium top speeds. Most often used in One-Make races.
ME22 – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Dual
Mu-Range: 0.33~0.40
Lightweight to Mid-weight cars
Rotor Temp. Range:150~800℃ 
Developed from the ME20 compound base, ME22 offers lower friction levels to improve controllability. Development is focused on light to middle weight cars. Also suitable for heavier vehicles on circuits with lower top speeds. Suitable for both hard street and track conditions
N03W – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Trail-Braking
Mu-Range: 0.38~0.42
Rotor Temp. Range:150~800℃ 
Lightweight to Mid-weight cars
Lower initial bite to increase ease of modulation. Quick response with consistent and stable mu levels. Good to use with lower grip semi or full slick tire equipped cars.
N35S – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Trail-Braking
Mu-Range: 0.43~0.49
Rotor Temp. Range:300~800℃ 
Mid-weight cars
Exhibits stable performance at high temperatures and brake loads with quick, sharp and responsive braking force. Stable and excellent modulation. Popular in WRC, FIA GT Car, PWRC, International Rally, and various One-Make races.
N05U – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Trail-Braking
Mu-Range: 0.47 – 0.52
Midweight to Heavyweight cars
This is a little bit softer and has a better initial bite and response than the N35S. If you feel N35S is too hard, you can choose N05U.  Rally & Race 〈Sprint-Medium〉
N45S – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Trail-Braking
Mu-Range: 0.45~0.52
Rotor Temp. Range:300~800℃ 
Midweight to Heavyweight Cars
Exhibits immediate, high levels of friction with little pedal effort resulting in a quick reacting car that maintains good modulation. Used in all Japan Rally Championship cars without brake boosters.
MA45B – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Dual
Mu-Range: 0.30~0.33
Rotor Temp. Range:300~800℃ 
Endurance Race Compound
Developed for endurance racing and immensely popular in Europe with a long history of great race results. Used by the majority of entrants in Nurburgring and Spa 24 hours. Low to mid-range mu levels, but great stability ensures high performance throughout the entire race. Excellent modulation, stability, and low disk wear. Used by many top Porsche teams to complete the Nurburgring 24 Hour Race , and 12 Hours of Sebring with 1 set of brake pads and 1 set of brake rotors. **CCM Disk Compatible**
W-003 – Semi-Metallic
Braking Style: Standard
Mu-Range: 0.40~0.45
Rotor Temp. Range:300~850℃ 
Midweight to Heavyweight cars
The W003 has somewhat similar traits to the already very successful N35S Compound. However this compound has improved wear characteristics and is very tough due to special, advanced iron processing. The W003 is stable at high temperatures with excellent modulation capability. This compound’s mu, and torque curve is very linear. This compound has been used extensively in Rally, Various one make touring car races and ALMS GT Category racing with great success.

Braking Style Definitions

Standard: Optimal brake control based upon direct pedal pressure before corner entry.
Trail-Braking: Optimal brake control based upon trail-braking.
Dual-Type: Both standard and trail-braking controllability.

Bedding Procedures

  • For racing compounds (ME22 and above), special bedding procedures are necessary.
  • Using 70 – 80% of normal pedal effort, gradually bring the rotor temperature to 400C.
  • Ensure rotor temperature cools to below 150C before hard use.
  • Do not come to a complete stop when doing the bedding process

Caution: Please note that extreme care must be taken when utilizing Carbon Ceramic Rotors. Operating temprature should be monitored to ensure that the disc are not being heated in excess of 600 degrees Celsius during use, which may cause serious damage to the rotors, We highly recommend the use of thermal paint edge and temperature stickers on the caliper bodies to ensure that the disc temperature threshold is not exceeded.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5 × 4 in

Non Spec-V, Spec-V

Endless Compound Type

MX72, MX72 Plus, CC-Rg, ME20, ME22, S55G, N03W, N35S, N05U, N45S, MA45B, Type W-003

Brake Pad

Front, Rear, Front+Rear Set

Vehicle Make


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