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Street Oriented Compound Specifications:

 Endless SS-Y Brake Pads

From the past, “Y-sports” has been praised in terms of good performance as a street pad such as initial braking and fade recovery, and as a pad which demonstrates reliable braking performance under any conditions. We have renewed it as a pad which not only has the excellent control which is required for a sports pad but also both street performance and sports performance. Please experience the sureness of the initial breaking where the initial braking μ which is sharpened by minimal braking in rises up.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want a pad which is working right from initial installation
●Those who also wish to enjoy a bit of sports driving

●Proper rotor temperature/0~400℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.35~0.45
●Material/non-asbestos ・Driving fields/Street – Winding

 Endless SS-S Brake Pads

In recent years low dust is a requirement condition for high-performance street brake pads, and ENDLESS successfully developed this from an early stage and has garnered praise for it. Also, in order to support new usability, “Super Street S-sports” reduces noise to the minimum and increases initial braking, thereby allowing you to feel the deceleration directly as soon as you start pressing down on the pedal while driving at low temperatures. Recommended for street users who focus on initial braking.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who focus on initial braking on the street
●Those who wish for a model which has high braking performance with low noise

●Proper rotor temperature/0~480℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.38~0.45
●Material/non-asbestos ・Driving fields/Street~Winding

 Endless SS-M Brake Pads

Low amounts of brake dust/little brake noise = not very effective … We hit on a development to overturn this common conception. The conventional wisdom has been that increasing performance increases the friction coefficient. ENDLESS subdivided the definition of initial braking, and by increasing the “initial response” we realized an increased feeling of it “working” while obtaining a “good balance” as “ease of handling” when stopping the car.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who are concerned about wheel dirt due to dust
●Those who value a balance between street and sports

●Proper rotor temperature/0~530℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.30~0.40
●Material/non-asbestos ・Driving fields/Street~Winding

 Endless MX-72 Brake Pads

MX72 minimizes dust and brake noise while being semi-metallic, improving braking performance at low temperatures. It also increases braking stability at high temperatures and realizes a reduction in rotor aggressiveness. We also worked to polish the pedal touch, which is a strong point of semi-metallic materials.

Recommended for the following people
●Sports users who “Wish to use in various settings from Street to Highway, Circuit, and All-around”
●Those who drive vehicles which are heavy but which have low brake capacity such as minivans and SUVs.

●Proper rotor temperature/50~700℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.37~0.47
●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal)

 Endless MX-72 Plus Brake Pads

MX72PLUS is focus on circuit driving. It has Stable braking force and good control characteristics further than the MX72 in the high temperatures and high load condition.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want to maintains braking force at high temperatures further than the MX72.
●Those who wish to use on streets, highways, circuits and all-around
●Those who value control during circuit driving

●Proper rotor temperature/50~750℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.39~0.47
●Materials/Semi-metallic(ceramic carbon metal) ・Driving fields/Street~Circuit

 Endless CC-Rg Brake Pads

“CC-Rg”, forged under ultra-high speed and ultra-high temperature conditions with slick tires installed, generates high deceleration G even with a heavyweight class tuning car. It also ensures sufficient braking force at low temperatures via technology cultivated through WRC and the adoption of mild ceramic materials, which requires consideration for braking force at low temperatures and in travel paths.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want a race brake pad which can also be used at low temperatures
●Those with S tires or slick tires installed

●Proper rotor temperature/50~800℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.40~0.45
●Material/Ceramic carbon metal ・Driving fields/Winding~Circuit


Braking Style Definitions

Standard: Optimal brake control based upon direct pedal pressure before corner entry.
Trail-Braking: Optimal brake control based upon trail-braking.
Dual-Type: Both standard and trail-braking controllability.

Bedding Procedures

  • For racing compounds (ME22 and above), special bedding procedures are necessary.
  • Using 70 – 80% of normal pedal effort, gradually bring the rotor temperature to 400C.
  • Ensure rotor temperature cools to below 150C before hard use.
  • Do not come to a complete stop when doing the bedding process

Caution: Please note that extreme care must be taken when utilizing Carbon Ceramic Rotors. Operating temprature should be monitored to ensure that the disc are not being heated in excess of 600 degrees Celsius during use, which may cause serious damage to the rotors, We highly recommend the use of thermal paint edge and temperature stickers on the caliper bodies to ensure that the disc temperature threshold is not exceeded.

Additional information

Endless Compound Type

SS-Y, SS-S, SS-M, MX72, MX72 Plus, CC-Rg

Brake Pad

Front, Rear, Front+Rear Set


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