ENDLESS Big Brake Systems 2015-2017 Subaru WRX/STI FRONT CALIPERS




Front Calipers: MONOBLOC Calipers forged and molded through several thousand tons of pressure. 4 years after its conception and 1 year after the completed prototype it was entered into test races repeatedly and changed its specifications while also obtaining a body that is sufficiently light and hard to compete in races. The processing of the highly difficult piston cylinder was cleared using advanced special technology. The finished body was completed using an ultra-hard anodized aluminum. It is the final product of the technology created by ENDLESS and its “never-ending challenge” as it continues to focus on quality forging.

 6 Pot Compact Mini Caliper (To clear most 16″ wheels)

The 6-Pot caliper is the best valued performance within the lineup and can be used with a maximum rotor diameter of 370mm. The caliper is made of lightweight forged aluminum with excellent heat resistance characteristics. Piston sizes of differing diameters are staggered to ensure even pad wear and increased feedback. The braking force of these calipers is a perfect match for high horsepower cars.

●Caliper Product No:EC651
●Piston Size:27x2mm, 32x2mm, 38x2mm  
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=280<332 / Thickness (mm) =<32
●Std Color of kit:Blue Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP066/093/151
●Pad Thickness:15mm
●Std Compound for kit:SSM/TR/MX72/CCRg
●Seal Kit:ECRK6
*Legacy 6 / 6POT C.M.Wagon are also use EC651

6 Pot Mini has features Endless’ Takumi Process. All other 2 piece calipers are just machined halves clamped together with bolts. Under extreme braking conditions the 2 halves ever slightly shift. Endless uses forged aluminium and machines a keyed slot so when the two halves are connected they have a structurally stronger connection to resist flexing and seperation. 



6pot Caliper (17inch)

●Caliper Product No:EC670
●Piston Size:27x2mm, 32x2mm, 38x2mm
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=300<370 / Thickness (mm) =<34
●Std Color of kit:Blue Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP052/152
●Pad Thickness:18mm
●Std Compound for kit:SSM/TR/MX72/CCRg
●Seal Kit:ECRK6
*Forged 2pcs Type


Mono6 Sport

ENDLESS have been producing several Racing Type Monobloc 6pot caliper in these years. Because of the purpose, the caliper body is very wide to have a thick pads. This new “MONO6 Sports” was designed to run on street and trackday, so we consider the wheel matching more with narrower body. But through simulation and analyse by CAE we could give very high rigidity and light weight. Good opportunity for the current ENDLESS 6pot customer Mono6 Sports is compatible with our 6pot (EC670 and EC603#), so he can upgrade only with this new caliper body. Also he can fit with the same wheel because of the compact body. When he want to reduce the weight of the brake system or to increase the rigidity or the toughness under heavy conditions, he has only to buy this new body.

●Caliper Product No. : EC6422
●Weight : 2,670g
●Size : D:156mmxH79mmxW:288.5mm
●Piston Size : 27mmx2, 32mmx2, 38mmx2
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm) = 320 < 370 / Thisckness (mm) = 30 < 34mm
●Std Color of kit : Blue Anodise
●Pad Item Number : RCP180/181
●Pad Thickness : 20mm
●Std Compound for kit : TR/MX72/CCRg
●Seal Kit : ECRKRM6
*Forged Monobloc

Racing Mono4

4POT caliper version of forged and molded MONOBLOC Calipers. Conducting many tests in pursuit of reduced weight, durability, radiation, etc., we reviewed the shape of the details time and again before achieving perfection. We also enabled installation of wheels from 15 inches as well as increasing installable wheels.

●Caliper Product No:EC4605N
●Piston Size:34x2mm, 41x2mm
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=280<355 / Thickness (mm) =28<33
●Std Color of kit:Racing Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP146/153
●Pad Thickness:18mm
●Std Compound for kit:TR/MX72/CCRg
●Seal Kit:EECRKRM4
*Forged Monobloc and


6 Pot Racing caliper made machined from a forged MONOBLOC exhibiting some of the highest rigidity. 

●Caliper Product No:EC6404FN
●Piston Size:27x2mm, 32x2mm, 38x2mm
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=355<390 / Thickness (mm) =32<36
●Std Color of kit:Racing Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP121/122
●Pad Thickness:25mm
●Std Compound for kit:TR/MX72/MX72PLUS
●Seal Kit:ECRKRM6
*Forged Monobloc


The ultimate caliper from ENDLESS machined from a forged MONOBLOC to be the lightest and strongest caliper possible. Featuring radiator design to help cool the system as well as weight saving machining to save weight withought compromising the rigidity of the system.

Racing MONO6GT(EC6412) follows the 2012 model (EC6410) to join the SUPER GT GT500 Class ”LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH” race. Through ENDLESS’s prized 5000t forged MONOBLOC technology, we ensure high rigidity which can support high loads in races and realize lighter weight and high radiation.

●Caliper Product No:EC6414
●Piston Size:27x2mm, 32x2mm, 38x2mm
●Disc Capacity : Diameter (mm)=370<400 / Thickness (mm) =34 < 36
●Std Color of kit:Racing Anodise
●Pad Item number:RCP163
●Pad Thickness:29.5mm
●Std Compound for kit:TR/MX72/MX72PLUS
●Seal Kit:ECRKRM6
*Forged Monobloc and







Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 12 in
Endless Front Caliper Type

6Pot Mini, 6Pot, Mono6 Sport, RacingMono6, RacingMono6 GT, RacingMono4

Vehicle Make

, ,

Endless Rotor Size

326×30, Genuine Rotor, 345×32, 355×32, 370×34

Vehicle Application

Make Model Year
Subaru STI 2017
Subaru STI 2015
Subaru WRX 2015
Subaru STI 2016
Subaru WRX 2016

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