Brembo Racing HTC 64T Brake Fluid


Exclusively for racing use. Brembo Racing HTC 64T plus has been specifically formulated to  provide the highest performance under all racing conditions

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Brembo Racing Brake Fluid HTC64

High temperature brake fluid for extreme racing
High dry boiling point

Brembo Racing HTC 64T Description:

    • Brembo HTC 64T can handle high temperatures without loss of pedal feel (independently proven low compressibility).
    •  Has been specifically formulated to provide the highest performance and consistency under all racing conditions.
    •  Has an extremely high dry boiling point

Compatible with all Brembo Racing Brake Systems.

Note: For maximum performance advantage, before filling, other types of fluid should be drained form the brake system to avoid diluting the fluid characteristic. Brembo HTC 64T plus must not be used in Brake Systems containing magnesium parts.

Brembo Racing HTC 64T Features:

    • Low compressibility factor at high temperature with more than 10% reduction in brake fluid compressibility at 356 Fahrenheit (180 Celsius).
    • High dry boiling point: 635 Fahrenheit (335 Celsius); typical competitor racing fluids are at 572 Fahrenheit (300 Celsius).

Brembo Racing HTC 64T Boiling Points:

Brembo Racing HTC 64T plus 280°C/ 536°C

Brembo Racing HTC 64T plus 335°C/ 635°C

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