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These units are made to order and will require up to 4 weeks lead time to manufacture. Please contact us for any concerns and questions:

Corner3 Motorsports is proud to announce the first ever Brembo GT Front Big Brake System. Designed and engineered exclusively for the Tesla model 3. The rotor size and piston diameters were engineered around the factory brake master cylinder to further enhance the Tesla Model 3’s performance. Using feedback we’ve given, Brembo went with a 355x32mm rotor designed to fit under most 18″ wheels.

The Brembo GT Systems are specifically designed and engineered to each of their applications. Unlike other manufacturers who have a universal caliper adapted to different vehicles, the Brembo GT Caliper’s piston size and stagger are engineered around the vehicles master cylinder and brake bias. The Brembo GT is a monobloc caliper (one solid block) designed for track day enthusiast and drivers who demand the most out of their vehicles whether it’s for a track day or cruising the streets. 

The Calipers are radially mounted and matched to 355x32mm 2 piece rotor that gives the system greater braking torque and increased thermal capacity. This results in a more direct and immediate brake feel that gives consistent and high levels of control. Fixed calipers improve the durability and efficiency of the system. The multiple opposed pistons spreads the load across 6 smaller pistons resulting in more precise pedal input and uniform force distributed through the pad for uniform wear and consistent brake feedback. The stiffer calipers matched with the more rigid radial mount and included stainless steel brake lines further improves the braking stability and allows you more input and feedback to modulate and control every last bit of brake pressure and release when diving into a turn on the track or slowing your car gently to a stop at the light. 

6 Piston Monobloc Caliper

4 Color options

3 Rotor Options:


The GT system has 3 initial options for brake rotors. We requested a rotor size of 355x32mm with foresight knowing that these systems will be used for performance. This rotor size was chosen in order to fit under most 18″ wheels including the factory Model 3 wheel. The thicker rotor maintains its thermal capacity while the directionally vaned air gap quickly dispels heat, pulling air from around the hub to the outside edge of the rotor.

Which rotor is best for you:

Brembo drilled disc assembly

Drilled: Suitable for a wide range of applications and driving environments especially wet weather. 

  • Provides the highest initial response of all the available disc face types while continually refreshing the braking surface and also typically being lighter.
  • Drawbacks are that they are more prone to heat checking and thermal cracking if used consistently at extremely high temperatures. 
  • Suggested for cars that will only see street driving and the occasional spirited run and for a casual weekend hpde event.

Brembo Type 1

Slotted: Aimed at providing stable brake feel and more resilience against thermal cracking.

  • Stable braking feel at all temperatures, low dist wear and continuously refreshing the braking surface for optimum performance.
  • Drawback  almost unnoticeable but the slotted disk has the least initial response (bite) compared to the other disc faces. 

Brembo Type III Disc assembly

TYPE 3: (Aggressive face type) Motorsports developed face type with an emphasis on high initial response while maintaining a smooth pedal release.

  • Highest overall braking confidence, control, and allows driver to spend less time on brake pedal. When chasing the fastest lap time, less time on pedal usually means a quicker lap time. 
  • Drawback is that any disc with an aggressive face type will have a higher chance to mechanically abrade the pad and disc surface leading to quick or uneven pad wear. These variables however are dependent on the cars setup and track layout as well as other variables. 

2 Brake Pad options:

Ferodo FM1000: Standard pad that comes with every Brembo GT System
The Ferodo FM1000 compound pads are included in every Brembo High Performance system. The FM1000 is a proprietary compound supplied by Ferodo to Brembo for great initial response, feel and modulation characteristics in a wide range of environments.

RaceTechnologies TS20: Recommended. 
The TS20 is the ideal dual purpose compound for street and light track use. The TS20 combines an aggressive initial bite, good heat resistance all while keeping dust and noise to a minimum. TS20 are offered for a select range of OEM Brembo caliper shapes.

Image result for brembo fm1000

We will have multiple rotor options available that you can spec into your system depending on your needs. We will be working with all drivers to help them understand and select a system best suited for their needs. We will also provide insight and knowledge into multiple brake pad compounds from multiple top level friction manufacturers to further enhance the system.

FITMENT GUIDE: Tesla Model 3 Brembo GT Wheel Fitment Template

How to check if this system will clear your wheels: Brake to wheel clearance tutorial


Additional information


Black, Red, Silver, Yellow

Rotor Type

Cross Drilled, Slotted, Brembo Type 3

Brembo Pad Options

FM1000, Racetechnologies TS20


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