DriftWorks GeoMaster 3 Hub Knuckles – Drift & Track -180sx 240sx Silvia/S13 S14 S15




Geomaster 3 Intro

Many enthusiast lower their car to provide improved center of gravity and handling but at the cost of the suspension no longer being in the designed range resulting in degraded handling and less than optimum suspension gain changes. With the S-chassis being a Mcpherson front and multilink rear this also affects the roll center in which the roll center difference between the front and rear suspension resulting in unbalancing the chassis.

The suspension needs be modified to get all the benefits from lowered car. The best solution would be specially designed suspension with performance oriented kinematics, but this might be expensive. The easiest and most cost effective would be drop knuckle, that works with OEM links and arms.

Geomaster 3 is Wisefab designed and Driftworks tested drop knuckle set for Nissan S-Chassis. It has structural high strength steel design for optimized weight, strength and stiffness.

Front Drop Knuckle: Improvements in steering lock, drop and kinematics over the already fantastic Geomaster 2.
Provisions for ABS sensors & we’ve tested to the absolute limits of what is achievable while retaining a front anti roll bar. 
The front also now have a track / grip setting with an entirely separate lower arm and tie rod mount. This provides all of the roll centre benefits found in the drift setting. While providing just a slight increase in steering speed over standard knuckles, and ackerman settings for grip driving. 

  • 45mm Drop without changing the height at the coilover the knuckles provide a 50mm drop on their own. 
  • Speed sensor attachment

Track Setup:

  • Over 20% quicker steering ratio 
  • Less Ackermann
  • Better bumpsteer for high caster

Drift Setup:

  • Over 30% quicker steering ratio
  • A lot less Ackermann (don’t ask us that’s what driftworks said)
  • More trail and self alignment torque

Rear: Improvements in drop & kinematics. All new spherical bearings in place of bushes for less camber and toe deflection. Double brake caliper mounts & improved overall rigidity. 

  • Slightly less camber gain vs stock
  • All spherical joints (Less stiction allows suspension to move freely without bind)
  • 50mm Drop (Lowers car 45mm just from installing)
  • Dual Caliper setup
  • Made of high strength steel

The new coating: We have chosen a zinc + polyurethane process, offering impressive durability, and vast improvements in corrosion resistance.

Requires the use of S14/S15 front hubs and S14 balljoints pressed into the S13 lower control arm or the use of an s14 lower control arm 

Please note: 

These are a racing part, and as such are not suitable for road use

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in
Vehicle Make

, ,


Front, Rear


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Vehicle Application

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Nissan 240SX 1995
Nissan 240SX 1990
Nissan 240SX 1998
Nissan 240SX 1993
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Nissan 240SX 1989
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