ATS Spec II Twin Plate Carbon Clutch Set – 240SX S13 S14 SR20DET / S15 SR20DE


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ATS Spec II Twin Plate Carbon Clutch is intended for high-power tuning. The standard (Spec I) delivers powerful transmission performance up to 650 hp (at the wheel) while the Spec II with 1,900kg clamping force has a capacity of 800 hp (at the wheel). These superior characteristics were achieved using our thoroughly studies and tested friction material and our original non-mesh random-weaving method, which dramatically eases the operating feel, making it far less rough in traffic congestion or on a slope for a heavy-duty clutch. Start up is also extremely soft and smooth. In addition to durability that is over 3 times higher than metal, a remarkably significant reduction in impact on engine and transmission components has been verified.

With the introduction of Spec II, ATS successfully made the pedal effort lighter than stock (w/ 1,400kg clamping force) which has enhanced your driving comfort and pleasure immensely.

Equipped with the newly designed pressure plates & middle plate(s), Spec II can provide a very comfortable driving with much less pedal effort than before or offer a significantly higher torque delivery with the same pedal effort as the previous version.

The new version also offers more choices on the clamping rate from 1,100 kg . The Prospec II (Single carbon) w/ 1,600 kg clamping rate achieves the rated horse power of 390 at the wheel with a lighter pedal effort than the previous Prospec w/ 1,000kg clamping rate. Moreover, the Spec II twin carbon clutch w/ 2,300kg clamping rate is rated at a whopping 900 hp with the same pedal effort of the previous 1,350kg model. In 2010, ATS added Prospec II (Single carbon) 2,400kg which boasts 550 hp rating (at the wheel) with lighter than stock pedal effort.

**Nissan throwout bearing #30502-14601 is required

*Nissan 22mm Bearing Sleeve #30501-S0164 is required

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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 5 in
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Clamping Force

1,100 kg, 1,400 kg, 1,500 kg, 1,800 kg, 1,900 kg

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