ATS Carbon LSD – 350Z Z33 / 370Z Z34 / G35 V35 / G37 V36


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Cornering innovation – it yields the ideal line desired by the driver – Unrivaled controllability and smoothness

< For Street, Track days, Road Racing, Autocross, & Drifting >

By utilizing the CC composite disks, the ATS carbon LSD posses the superior transitional characteristics from free to differential lock, enabling control that feels quite natural.

The Carbon LSD type Street is designed for street driving with only 4 internal disks. For a competitions which push the vehicle to the limit, please choose the standard ATS Carbon LSD.

Principal characteristics of the Carbon LSD

* Gentle transitional characteristics that yield ease of handling from free to lock
* Small degree of slipping which provide a greater flexibility
* Super durable
* Stable differential lock performance which is unaffected by oil temperature changes
* Quiet operation without chattering noise
* The performance of carbon LSD is not influenced by a choice of LSD oil
* Very high adaptability to many LSD oils from different manufacturers

Important – it is very important to monitor the differential oil temperature to keep it under 150 C degree (302 F). Continued driving with the differential temperature above that point might cause the carbon chips peeled off.

ATS Carbon LSD Spec III & Spec IV

The initial torque has a very close relationship with the LSD’s responsiveness to your throttle and steering input. ATS carbon LSD Spec II has made the incredible response possible by increasing the initial torque to 10 to 11kg. Spec III and Spec IV further raise the initial torque to 15kg and 20kg respectively.

The higher initial torque also dramatically increases the vehicle stability at the braking (2 way or 1.8 way). You may think a very high initial torque might cause an under steer. That is correct in the case of the metal LSD. However, another virtue of the ATS carbon LSD is that a higher initial torque does not produce under steer as much as the metal LSD.

Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in
Vehicle Make

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Lock Type

1 Way, 1.5 Way, 2 Way

Differential Type

Open Type, Viscous Type – AT, Viscous Type – MT

Initial Torque

Type III, Type IV


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